Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Chris & Cosey - Walking thru Heaven

Slightly delayed post due to hideous tech problems but here goes....

Well I had a fab'n'groovy time down in London for Carter Tutti play Chris and Cosey, Live in Heaven, not only a great gig but catching up with loads of people from Twitterland and meeting some I'd never met before too!

Err... Excepter couldn't make it due to unforseen problems and was replaced by Powell, who I missed but apparently it was a DJ set only. Next up was Mika Vainio (ex Pan Sonic) who did a full body internal organ massage (but then again I was standing next to the bass bin!) Short clip below...

  ... but of course I was there to see Chris & Cosey who played an excellent set as usual, altho still a rare thing! Short video of Workout below, I believe the whole performance was being filmed so look out for a more professional release in the (near?) future. BTW turn the volume up on both these videos, I was a dumb-ass and forgot my microphone! 8(

Mika Vainio

Charlie & Chris
Charlie and Chris - checking SOUNDZ

More musicians than you could shake a stick at!
(Left-to-right -  Laica, Fabrice, P6, Joe Ahmed)

...and part of the fun too was catching up with some old friends and meeting new ones thru the wonderful medium of twitter, catching up with P6 and Joe from Security , Fabrice all the way from sunny Belgium , Stuart and Andy from the Psychogeographical Commision , Terry 'Millemetre' McGaughey who was on the merch stand, Charles 'Charlie Chicken' Poulet who was the sound man for the night, and especially meeting new friends, Uschi-No-Michi and Rich, Graham 'Cybernoise' Needham and last but most certainly not least the wonderful Laica Thank you all for a wonderful day!

Some useful links:
Chris & Cosey/ Carter Tutti (with links to new single 'Coolicon' vinyl and DL):

Laica bandcamp:

Uschi-No-Michi (new 7" single and DL) 'Ameratsu' :

Millimetere (new cassette release) 'Sex Dreams of the I Ching' :

The Psychogeographical Commission bandcamp:

Security (new cassette release) 'Security-1' :

Fabrice (AKM) Soundcloud

Charles Poulet Soundcloud

... and anyone else I've forgotten! O_o

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