Saturday, 28 April 2012


.... it was 25 years ago today ....

Well 25 years ago anyways! That Deus Ex Machina released their one and only vinyl release 'Mask'

So yay! it's competition time courtesy of and YOU can win a copy!!!!

Never heard of Deus Ex Machina? Not surprising seeing as they had only one vinyl release which strangely sold the majority of copies in Spain(?) and a handful of cassette releases, performed only a few rare gigs and multi-media-happening-type-thingies. Oh yes and I was in them too!  ;)

To celebrate/clear some cupboard space I have TWO copies that YOU can easily win! For ***FREE*** inc P&P (only if in the UK!)

The ep has four original tracks, is on plain black 12", some weight-or-other vinyl, one side plays at 33rpm the other 45rpm, with hand numbered labels in gold, housed in a Black and White hand finished, numbered picture sleeve. If I remember rightly it was an edition of only 632 copies (why I've no idea!!!)  the copies to win are numbered 042 and 043. Details below:

Front cover 
Back cover 
Label (33rpm)
Label (45rpm)
All you have to do to win a copy is send me a picture! and you have an absolutely brilliant chance of winning as the last competition attracted a massive ONE entry! (thanks @The_Real_Hollis)

Pictures should be sent to

RULES (got to be some?)

You MUST send me an *original* picture to qualify for the draw, one that you have made yourself, ie you are the owner/copyright holder, but it can be anything at all, drawings, paintings, photos, a pic from your phone etc

You give me the permission to post your submitted picture on my blog (you obviously retain all rights).

All entries will be posted on the blog - winning or not, but the winners will go at the top!

Don't send stupidly big size files (preferably in jpg, GIF or png & web readable) and only one pic per entry

The winner will be chosen at random (names taken from a hat/bag/box/receptacle)

If you are outwith the UK you will have to contribute to the P&P - sorry :(

Winners will be notified 15th May 2012, this blog updated, tweeted etc etc.

...and don't worry I won't spam you or sell your email address to The Conspiracy or anything!


Closing date for entry to competition is 14th May 2012 23:59 GMT


And just for fun here's a cover version of Deus Ex Machina playing The Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting for the man" recorded almost exactly 25 years ago live at The Cavern, EDINBURGH - 29th April 1987.
(btw the ep sounds NOTHING like this!)

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