Friday, 16 December 2011

Young Hunting

Attachment in a Child and the Subsequent Condition

... is the rather lengthy title of Young Hunting's excellent and very impressive debut album. Young Hunting are an experimental duo from Edinburgh, Scotland no less! There have been comparisons with Coil which is pretty unfair! but I think what they mean is that they're different (they apparently had never even heard of Coil until recently! ;)

You can listen and download the track The Process of Being from the album below for FREE!

I also LOVE the rather cheeky 'not-what-you're-expecting' remix of Chew Lips - Karen (video below) and check out Mark Dall's excellent paintings on their site too (one features in the video)

...and finally they have a new Ltd edition vinyl 12" ep "The Night of the Burning" available NOW from the excellent Boomkat online store, digital downloads available in the new year along with some live performances hopefully early 2012.

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