Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lykke Li

Slightly delayed post. By about 6 months! Unfortunately Lykke threw her back out in April & had to cancel her original show. And the venue moved to the slightly larger(?) O2 ABC.

Support was by First Aid Kit who are a couple of Swedish Hippy Chick sisters (in matching tie-dyed curtain dresses!!!) who did a sorta acoustic/country/hippy type set - but even altho it's not really my thing they were pretty good. You can see some pics by @catt231 here

Of course Lykke Li herself was rather fabulous and her set included most of her fine album Wounded Rhymes and with LOADS of smoke & strobes made me very happy :D (some more fotos by @catt231 here)

Rick Kids Blues

Get Some

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