Monday, 11 July 2011

Memory Tapes

Went to see Memory Tapes on Friday at the Arches in Glasgow. Thought it might be just me there at first as this was the start of T-in-the-Park aka Chavstock ;-) and it was a bit empty.

First up were Star Slinger who told me he wasn't a DJ but his site says he is? Anyway he did a sorta DJ set with samples & beats over the top. He was followed by Air France DJs who were from Sweden & they both drank two drinks at once (and offered me a slug of cheap cider from a 2lt plastic bottle!) & played songs like DJs do.

But of course really went to see Memory Tapes and by the time they came on there was at least a decent sized audience. Their set was a bit more 'raw' than their album Seek Magic which is understandable given the lavish production but didn't detract from the performance.


  1. That vimeo video reminded me of some famous painting. Can't quite remember what though...I am gonna guess Picasso... nice sound.

  2. MC Escher?