Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Headed over to The Arches on the stormiest day ever - even the train took twice as long before they cancelled them all! So actually amazing the bands even made it on the nite but it did run a bit behind schedule.

Small Scale Collisions

First up were Small Scale Collisions who were a sorta ambient drone type outfit but their set was marred by a constantly buzzing guitar lead :( ...who were followed by John Knox Sex Club who were sorta electric folk/scottish? but not really my sorta thing.

John Knox Sex Club

...and after a few spectacular bangs and flashes from the PA fuses blowing and the main reason for braving the tempest outside was of course to see Emeralds, and they were absolutely brilliant, despite a false start - feeding the output back into the mixer apparently, an act that just about floored the audience with a massive blast of earshattering volume! But after that they played a mesmerising set as you can see below...

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