Monday, 24 January 2011

Phyne Thanquz

A rare download post of a rare 7" single, long since unavailable anywhere. From one of my favourite bands from the late 70's/early 80's, the double "A" sided 'Into the Sun/Curse of the Gods' by Phyne Thanquz.

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7",music,covers,bands,labels,Phyne Thanquz
7",Phyne Thanquz,covers,labels,records,bands,music
music,Phyne Thanquz,labels,7",bands,records

Phyne Thanquz were an "Acid Rock" band in the stylee of the Jimi Hendrix Experience (Guitarist/Vocalist - Stu Menalos - credited on this release as Dr Death, and various other bassists and drummers who came and went, and latterly the late Amanda Hodge who played keyboards and managed them) as well as they're very own pyro-technician in Dunny who probably ran the most exciting and dangerous (to the band as well as the audience!) light show ever to be seen indoors!

Unfortunately they never hit the "big time" and the record really doesn't do them justice, they were much, much better live!

Anyways you can get Into the Sun here and Curse of the Gods here:

- huh! you say? WTF are these *.ogg files??? Well they'll play on most PCs and quite a few portable mp3 players etc if they don't on your system see the Ogg Vorbis site and download the plugin for your system.

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  1. Just found this.
    Ah the memories!!
    I was one of the "Burn Yer Eyes Out Crew" assisting the pyromaniac who was (& i believe still is)Dunny.
    The fun we had with a Banana smoke gun, strobes & flash bangs!!