Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Cheap Trick

Well they're responsible for one of my fave albums as a kid and indeed of all time in At Budokan and I finally got to see Cheap Trick LIVE on Sunday :D

It was almost the original line-up too minus Mr Bun E. Carlos the chainsmoking, accountant-lookalike drummer who is being replaced by guitarist Rick Nielsen's son Daxx for the tour/live performances? No support act so just a taped intro - inc. Cheap Trick namedropping quote by Homer Simpson (cool or what?)

They played mostly all the old faves and despite Nielsen complaining that he was suffering from 'flu you wouldn't have noticed.

I also got a plectrum :) - well three actually! As Mr Nielsen threw handfuls of em into the audience at regular intervals!

..and here's a video of the fantastic "I want you to want me"

Four necks good, two ... ;-)

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