Friday, 10 September 2010

SAC & Hopwood and Black

Hopwood & Black

Went to see the fabulous Super Adventure Club on Tuesday, and first person I bumped into was a friend's little sister who was in the support act who were Hopwood & Black (being Lyndsey Black)

As I only took my stills camera the video isn't HD but....hey...

World On The Take

Next up were a rather good French band Luis Francesco Arena doing a couple of support slots for SAC while on tour of the UK, unfortunately I didn't have enough space on my camera for a vid of them.

Luis Francesco Arena

And of course, headlining were
Super Adventure Club who were their usual quirky, mad, intense selves!

... and played a new set with a new song too :) which by sheer chance was the one song I videoed too! I've absolutely no idea what it's called tho' - maybe 'Exclooooseeeve' ????

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