Friday, 27 August 2010

Epic26 & A Band Called Quinn

....err and May68 a bit less on them later!

So over to Weedgieland at King Tut's for this gig, A Band Called Quinn were first up which seemed to catch a few people out :-( but they played a good, if short set despite Louise suffering from a cold too! BTW you can get their new album The Beggars Opera here in all formats! And here's a vid of DIY ,the sound is a bit low for some reason :-(

Next up were Epic26 which was the second time I've seen them in as many weeks! And very good they were too. Here's a vid of what they described as a new song so I've no idea what it's really called - but it is really good! :)

...and the bit less about May68 - sorry guys but I had to go for the last train home :-( - maybe next time?

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