Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dougsie's gan awa

Went to 'Dougsie's gan awa' nite at Henry's Cellar Bar last nite which featured five bands and an auction! in aid of Dougsie who is off to the US of A to study at Uni after years of putting on gigs/tours/playing etc around central Scotland and beyond.

First up were Voice of the Mysterons feat aforementioned Dougsie a sorta sci-fi/literary alt-punk group! Followed by We are Revival from Coventry on a mini tour of Scotland. Then the Drum & Bass sounding Squidex who are apparently so new they don't even have a web presence yet!

Next up were the fabulous Super Adventure Club resplendant in their matching 'NING! NING! NING!' t-shirts and false sideburns (a tribute to Dougsie's OTT real ones) Due to the exceptionally crap lighting, SAC were the only band I filmed and then mostly just Super Mandy which was lucky as she did most of the vocals on the song :)

...and last but not least were the rather punky & fun Rodent Emporium again any video would be mostly black - so sorry for not capturing any of it - go check out their various sites for more.....

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