Thursday, 19 August 2010

Chew Lips & EPIC26

A free gig in the Edinburgh Festival and at a 'grown ups' time too! :) Which makes a change from being home before the pubs come out!

This was a promo event for some beer and I was very evil and gave away my ticket for a free beer to a random guy so he could lose brain cells, bloat his liver and suffer other things beer does to you!

Anyways I was here to see the bands, and first on were EPIC26 a sorta electro band from Edinburgh - you can get free downloads from their site here:

Here's a vid of them doing a cover of 'Missing' by Everything But the Girl

And then there was Chew Lips who must be the hardest working group around! I think this was their 3rd gig in Edinburgh this yEra! and they seem to be anywhere that has 'Festival' in its name ;-)

They played a fantastic set and seemed to enjoy it as did the rather lively but small audience. Here's Eight which is the 1st track on the album Unicorn

and here's a vid of them performing their last single Karen ...

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