Monday, 2 August 2010

The Best of The Mine

The Liquid Rooms in Edinburgh has re-opened after two yEras out-of-action due to burning down! And the first live music was a SIX band nite by the people behind 'The Mine'

The evening was hosted by DJ Jim Gellatly who must be the happiest looking person on the planet - never without a very large grin!

Anyways...apologies for not knowing most of the song titles but I'm sure you could find out what they are if you're keen enough!....;-)

First up were Tam's Railways

..and then A fight You Can't Win

...followed by Hagana (who's Trumpateer/stylophone player was celebrating his birthday in fine form ;-)

who were followed by the rather fine Underclass ....

then London's Marner Brown who will hopefully be back soon :)

...and of course headlining the nite were the wonderful - The 10:04's who had everyone bouncing about as usual and gave the security staff a test by stopping people invading the stage etc (Chris of The OK Social Club getting the honour of the first person 'thrown off' the new stage!)

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