Monday, 26 July 2010

Stewart Home

Well a first for me! Going to see an author doing readings!!! But then again you can't start with one much better than Stewart Home ;-) and you got a copy of his book 'Down & Out in Shoreditch & Hoxton' free too!

It was held in the Roxy Art Space in Edinburgh and started with a 'rough draft' of a short film called & about Dumbiedykes (an area of Edinburgh near the Scottish Parliament) by Sacha ????? (sorry missed the surname) - which was quite amusing and good fun.

Then there was Mr Home himself who explained he was going to shred one of his books to create a new artwork we could buy for £1K after the reading, which I couldn't afford, so I just stuck with my free copy. ;-)

He then went on to do readings - or rather recitals as they were entirely from memory, himself and also with his ventriloquist dummy and continued shredding his book - altogether rather mad, bad, funny and entirely what you would expect from him!

Great stuf catch him if you off to read the book described on the cover by
Kathy Acker as

"A repellant, sick psychodrama that is sadistic, morally reprehensible and has no redeeming features whatsoever"

sounds fun ;-)


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