Monday, 28 June 2010

Nurse with Wound - Tramway Glasgow

Well at long last Nurse with Wound finally made it to Scotland with a special all-day event at the Tramway arts venue in Glasgow - 'A Midsummer Days Dream'

There were a whole host of things happening - way to much for me to list/detail, by lots of other artists and bands before NWW rounded the nite off. So if you need more detail than this blog'll ever give you ;-) click here for a program of the performances and the performers (you'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader which you can get here)

err...first I cocked up by arriving a bit late, desperately needing to eat, and generally being disorganised! So I missed Carla Tolmie unfortunately, so first up was Vernon & Burns meet Lied Music but Mr Burns wasn't there??? They played one long piece on various electronic gizmos and also things like baloons, toy trumpet, banjo even the chair one of them was sitting on! Good stuf indeed!

Vernon & Burns meet Lied Music

OK next was
Raydale Dower who created a very surreal piece, 'Beethoven's 5th' played on 8 different turntables and all at different speeds! Wasn't too sure before-hand but I reckon it's the ONLY way to listen to it ;-)

Raydale Dower

Of course inbetween sets you could lounge about in the sunny gardens - yes in Scotland!!! Where I spotted Mr Stapleton having a fly fag break ;-)

Steven Stapleton has a fag break

The next performance was by Muscles of Joy - an 8 piece all-female band, all of whom sang, most had a shot on the drums, played brass, guitar, violin, bass, squeeze box and various percussion instruments and they sounded and looked like this....

Muscles of Joy

And then of course the wonderful
Nurse with Wound who for this event consisted of Steven Stapleton, Andrew Liles, Colin Potter and Mathew Waldron, also guest vocals by one of Muscles of Love & saxophone by someone else I completely failed to hear what their names were - sorry.

NWW played essentially one long piece, well a few smaller ones that ran into each other, and in almost complete darkness as some very surreal film played behind them as you can see from the excerpts below...

Excerpt #1

Excerpt #2

and the finale...

Excerpt #3 - Finale

can't wait for them to come back again - all-in-all a brilliant day :)

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