Sunday, 20 June 2010

'That Howden Sound' EP Release

The OK Social Club - That Howden Sound EP Release
Cabaret Voltaire, EDINBURGH

A great night with The OK Social Club last nite at Cabaret Voltaire (is it just me or does that place smell like something died there? - something BIG!).

Anyways first up was - err I dunno cause they were just finishing when I got in - after having been turned away for being too early??? So first up for me was Miniature Dinosaurs which I have now learned to spell ;-) and also learned that this song is called 'Write Back' which is the single off their EP.

Next up were a Glasgow band (but apparently one of them was English) called Casino Brag 'fraid I don't know the name of this one tho'

But of course the nite was all about those OKSC boys and their new EP 'That Howden Sound' which we got a copy of for FREE - yaaay! Which was a nice birthday present too! - did I mention it was also my biirthday? ;-)

I'm not too sure where you can actually buy a copy but I'm sure they'll stick the info on their Myspace/F*ckbook page, but you can get their two previous EPs 'The OKSC EP' & 'That's what she said' from that iTunes place. And you might try Avalanche Records in Edinburgh (they also do mail order) for a hard copy?

Anyways here's a new tune from the CD 'Little Broken Bones' as played last nite...

...and while they played all their new tunes they of course played lot's of the old favourites like
'Made in the Shade' ....

Altogether a great crowd, great bands and just generally a great nite - thanks guys! :)

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