Saturday, 12 June 2010

A Band Called Quinn at Limbo

Had a great nite at this gig at Limbo, altho a bit strange! I was one of the first there and in the gloom I could see only one other person, err well gorilla? - in a smoking jacket??? Weird! but anyways on to the gig itself.

The Machine Room were first on a brand new band apparently, which is my excuse for never having heard/heard of them before ;-) here they are with what is prolly a brand new song too!

The Machine Room

Next up were the fabulous North Atlantic Oscillation how good is that for a support band? They played a great set as you can see/hear ;-)

North Atlantic Oscillation

And headlining the evening were the wonderful
A Band Called Quinn who played a brilliant set, my words wouldn't do it justice so just watch this...

Can you Swim?

and also 'He's a Dog' which I couldn't remember the name of when I was rendering it - doh! Considering you can get a free download of it here! and I did :)

He's a Dog

So altogether a great night - catch ANY of the bands if you can!

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