Sunday, 30 May 2010

Suspire, Any Color Black and more

Went to this 'Rockness' Warm Up last nite at Maggie's Chamber in Edinburgh and it was FREE :)

X marks the spot!

There were four bands on and the first up were What the Dead Know who were loud and have the latest fad of long leads so the bassist/guitarist - whatever can run about in the audience while playing? (helps if the leads don't fall out!)

What the Dead Know

Next up were Light Guides who are a three piece band, I'm not sure they played all they wanted as set-up time and the guitarist not able to hear what he was playing seemed to cause them some problems.

Light Guides

Next up were the excellent Any Color Black sorta promoting their new EP Answer (released 28-06-2010) and the first of the bands also appearing at the Rockness Festival - it was also their second gig of the day, here's a sneak preview of Answer live....

Any Color Black - Answer

Headlining were Suspire who are also playing Rockness, I hadn't heard them before but I really liked some of their stuf especially Savage System which you can see and hear here....


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