Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Heretics and Constant State

ugh! Apologies for this very late review but I've been ill and really couldn't be bothered!!!

...anyways, this was a charity gig for
'Action for Children' at Maggies Chamber in Edinburgh. It's part of a giant hen & stag do pub, 'The Three Sisters' - so rather surreal as there were large numbers of pissed up people all dressed in bizarre costumes, wigs and weird accessories milling about everywhere! But the evening got even more bizarre ;-) first off one of the three bands called off (sorry can't remember who they were anyways!) with only a couple of hours notice and they were supposed to bring the majority of the audience!

So first on were
Constant State who are a (sorta 'Oasis' inspired?) indie band from Edinburgh, they had loads of 'attitude' esp their bass player who with each minute of their set looked more and more pissed off as I don't think his monitor was working - so he eventually just walked off!!! Then the lead guitarist packed up his kit while the rest of the band played on, until the drummer left and was replaced by one of their fans/friends then I think the rythmn guitarist got bored and left so the singer and replacement drummer finished off doing a rap/hip-hop number????? but anyways here's a vid of em just before it all got weird ;-)

Constant State

Next up were The Heretics who complained that they had sound problems on stage too, but it actually all sounded OK on the audience side, anyways they played a great set, it's just a pity there wasn't a bit more of a crowd there to enjoy it - anyways here's a vid of their performance....

The Heretics

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