Sunday, 18 April 2010

Super Adventure Club

Well Saturday was Record Store Day 2010 (17-04-2010) a day when you were supposed to go out and support your local indie recordshop - which you did right?

Well I did. Except not quite my local recordshop - I went to a Glasgow one instead! As I was going thru for a gig anyways I found out that Super Adventure Club were playing a set at Avalanche Records - I'd seen them supporting A Band Called Quinn earlier in the week, they were great so I wasn't going to miss this one. In fact on the strength of seeing them once I bought the 'Avoid Zombies' CD and I recommend you do too. You can get it from Armellodie Records direct or Avalanche and all good indie Record Stores!

The gig was quite different!!! It must have been the smallest performance space I've ever seen - unfortunately they had some tech trouble for the first couple of numbers - but still managed to pull it off as you can see here:

Tommy Sheridan
And without having to leave the comfort of my blog here's the video for the excellent 'Pick Up Sticks' from the Avoid Zombies CD

Pick up Sticks

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