Thursday, 15 April 2010

A Band Called Quinn

Went to this gig at the Classic Grand in Glasgow last nite. Very confuddling! tix said 7pm but doors were at 8 and there was a venue next door hosting a 'fashion show', so I spent a while looking distinctly badly/under-dressed in the wrong queue ;-) Anyways....

Support was from Endor who decribe themselves as indie/folk/rock and I would say they're probably right.

Endor up were Super Adventure Club and they really defy ANY sorta genre-izing! Any band that has song titles like 'Hip Hop Hot Pot Pot Noodle' and 'Tommy Sheridan' has to be good - and they are!

Super Adventure Club

But of course the main reason I went, was to see A Band Called Quinn
and they didn't disappoint, apart from the usual complaint that the set wasn't long enough ;-) here they perform DIY from the excellent 'Sun, Moon, Stars' CD.

DIY - A Band Called Quinn

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