Sunday, 25 April 2010

The 10:04's at We Luv Musik

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Went to We Luv Musik on Friday which is now a regular(ish) event/promo for new and local bands.

Apache Oil
First up were Apache Oil and this was their first ever gig too, they played exclusively cover versions by the likes of Cream, Jimi Hendrix and did an excellent cover of the Doors 'Roadhouse Blues' - maybe not the most original band in the world but they could play!

Paul Vintner

Next up was Paul Vintner who looked a bit like Paul Weller, he did a solo set, just him and an acoustic 12 string, which was good but prolly a bit too quiet after the first band as you could hear the audience babbling away and paying very little attention???

Next was Johnny & the Giros - who I'm sure I've seen before? and a bit more lively as you can see here:

Johnny & the Giros

...and of course the headliners were The 10:04's who I'd almost seen a couple of times before, except they were only the 10:03 and a half's + Raff ;-) due to various illness, holidays etc etc.

The guys put on a great set including this new song which doesn't even have a name yet!

and had the crowd really bouncing til the end with one of their (and the fans) faves in About Tonight.

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