Tuesday, 2 March 2010

oh no ono

...well went to see these "Scanda-wegie-ish" boys last nite in freezing Glasgow. It was at the Captain's Rest - which is a 'glorified' pub on Gt Western Rd, the bands play downstairs in what I presume must have been the beer cellar - it was cold enough!

The support band was a duo called 'Tangles' who played some 'ambient' stuf on guitar and keyboards/effects but seemed to have loads of sound problems (and guitar tuning problems???)

...but anyways I went along to see oh no ono and it started off 5 - 3 to the band, that's five members of the band - me and two girls in the 'audience'!!! Anyways after a while I think they let the folk in the pub upstairs down for free - so it soon had about a dozen or so peeps :)

They played lot's of stuf first from their new album 'Eggs', then some older stuf and finished with a Radiohead cover - all-in-all they seemed to enjoy themselves and they put on a great show despite the lack of innarest - but I doubt they'll be back in a hurry!

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