Saturday, 27 March 2010

Grappling Hooks

Went to see North Atlantic Oscillation last nite which was one of two gigs in Scotland for the release of their debut CD Grappling Hooks. This was the one at Sneaky Pete's and had Panda Su and Barn Owl as support.

Panda Su

First up were Panda Su - a sorta Folky, Singer/Songwriter who sounded very similar to Feist. The drummer had an amazing percussion collection including a drumkit in a box! It looked like a large hi-fi speaker and he sat on it and played it like bongos - but - depending on where he hit it he got different sounds, snare, bass etc - a fabulous item - I want one!!! ;-)

Barn Owl

Next up were Barn Owl - I didn't really get them but I liked a couple of tracks!

North Atlantic Oscillation

But the main reason was to see NAO. I saw them a while back but it was just guitar,vocal & drums, this time the bass/keyboard player joined them and it was much livelier soundwise and prolly more of their up-tempo stuf too. Here's a video of them playing 77 Hours from the new album.

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