Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hidden Door

Went to this - the last nite of the Hidden Door 'arts festival' (well it is Edinburgh after all and we haven't had an arts festival for a few minutes now), held in the Roxy Art Space/Bowery Bar which is a converted church, or rather one with nothing much usually in it!

This weekend however it was taken over by a load of artists, musicians, film makers and poets performing in various spaces/rooms throughout the building and attended by art student types, boho-hobo's and such like ;-)

I largely missed the films and poets but had a look around the 'art' which was displayed in a sorta maze like structure, some good - some bad - some ????? - pretty much like any art exhibition ;-)

Again the music was OK depending on your taste (you get a free download of 10 tracks by artists who played over the weekend from the excellent Tentracks website - check them out!), but I largely went along to see 'North Atlantic Oscillation' who are rather good and did a pretty good set too - if a little short! A taster below - check out ChannelTwentyThree for some more.

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