Thursday, 10 December 2009


It's here at last! After a tantalizingly long wait Industrial Records and Throbbing Gristle in partnership with Christiaan Virant of Buddah Machine fame finally release GRISTLEISM on an unsuspecting world

The red gristleism

My limited edition copy just arrived and rather fine it is too, it's the rather excessive tri-colour box edition - containing 3x badged Gristleism units in Black, Red, & Chrome, certificate (numbered by Cosey Fanni Tutti herself I believe?),
a couple of cards of Gristleisms one black, one grey and a Gristleism badge all in a nice padded sorta silk box with Gold embroidered TG 'Endless not' logo. Your own Industrial Noise Unit that fits snuggly in the palm of your hand - the perect chrissie present for that sonic terrorist in your life ;-)

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