Sunday, 22 November 2009

It's Christmastime.....


Well it is in the land of The Ok Social Club they had their Christmas Party early 'cos they're off to New Zealand for the Festive season. But those nice Twisted young Gentlemen gave us all an early Xmas present of their new 4 track EP "That's What She Said...."

As well as The OK Social Club the 10:04's (actually the 10:03's as the singer was suffering from mad chicken/cow/swine flu!) with Raff dutifully standing in as guitarist and singer instead of bassist this time! Also for all guitarists out there - don't throw your guitar down at the end of a performance as their's will tell you it's expensive when your Fender Strat's machine head snaps - ouch! Also on the bill were the excellent Pose Victorious another fine Edinburgh indie band. Some pictures are here:

....and a YouTube of "Christmas Party Kisses" here:

....and they had T-Shirts at only 7 quid too - bargain! ;-)

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