Thursday, 8 May 2014

Fuck Buttons

Just remembered in time to get a ticket for this - on the same day as the gig!!!

The support band were fucking awful - three people playing in a different key, tempo/beat and badly mixed to boot don't know what they were called - don't want to! 

But...Fuck Buttons were amazing and very, VERY LOUD!!!

Unfortunately I snapped my video camera charger cable so had to use my stills camera instead, but it's not too bad if a little dodgy on the sound 8-/

Saturday, 12 April 2014

... and also late: Misch

Yes another late post! 

For the rather wonderful remix album of the Mmii ep by AKM (aka @fabi_wabi ) on French label Tsuku Boschi Records which not only features a remix by me but TWO by P6 !!! and a host of others too! .... have a listen and buy below :-)

Read full review of Misch - AKM on ©

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Only slightly late ...

Hello again!

I'm back after some hideous technical woes over the past couple of months, so ***should*** be posting more regularly again - huzzah!

... anyways I haven't told you about the brilliaint gig by The Psychogeographical Commission, SECURITY and aistob on 8th February 2014 at The Old Hairdressers, GLASGOW, UK.

First up were aistob, who were a machinist/computer operator (Gordon?) and chanteuse (?) who did a rather excellent version of Bauhaus's "Bela Lugosi's Dead"


Next up were the wonderful SECURITY (Joe Ahmed and P6) with their DEBUT gig!!!


and very wonderful it was too - as you can see below (only one slight technical hitch all night as well!)

(this track and more wonderfulness from their Bandcamp page - click on image or link above)

Hopefully more gigs in more places soon - watch this and other spaces!

Headlining the night were The Psychogeographical Commision performing the rather scary "Jack The Ripper" live for the last time. A sort of live soundtrack to imagery from 3(?) "Ripper" films.

Andy (with weird electronic thing) and Stuart (guitar/effects) of Psychomm

Unfortunately the projection/lighting wasn't too great so no video - ***BUT*** you can get a DVD from them sometime soon from their website (click the images/link above)

more soon..... ;)